SAFRA was created in 1955. It initial vocation was building bus/coach bodies on chassis cabs. Changes in the market, with the strong growth in urban transport networks in the 1970s led the company to concentrate gradually on buses and to move away from coaches.

Today Safra is specialized in the renovation and maintenance of all types of urban transportation equipment. True Leader on the French market, our savoir-faire ranges from the supply of equipment, the fitting out and heavy maintenance of urban passenger transport vehicles, the renovation of standard or articulated buses, as well as to the rail sector: trams, metros and rail cars.

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The Businova Program

As early as 2010, Safra launched a program of ground-breaking innovation in the urban bus market by building its own vehicle, with the aim of better satisfying the requirements of the organising authorities. Our traditional business has provided us with a thorough knowledge of the market, of the expectations of our customers, and of existing technologies. The public health issue is becoming crucial and attitudes are changing in favour of more sustainable mobility. It is high time to take action...

The specification is simple: a bus that is as clean as possible and with a large capacity, easy to operate, more economical in use and maintenance, with a duration of service life guaranteed by energy scalability.

This bold program mobilized all our teams to realize this project… After months of research and efforts, the Businova was approved and then marketed, and today it is giving very efficient results, to the great satisfaction of our customers and partners. Safra has thus become a French bus manufacturer, and is offering on the national and international market a bus that is unique and without doubt the most innovative product in its range.