Because the electric technology in use at the present time in transport world is only at a very early stage in its development, right from the launch of the Businova project we at Safra chose to design an upgradeable vehicle.

This means that the Businova we have right now, with its hybrid electric mode, will allow us to offer the following in the future:

  • a zero-emission vehicle,
  • an end-of-line recharging system (for a large fleet),
  • a hydrogen range extender,
  • a switch to a new battery chemistry in the future.

This upgradeability is made possible by the vehicle’s innovations:

  • the energy pack located underneath the rear platform,
  • the coupling box,
  • the incorporation of components into the vehicle allowing much simpler replacement.

The Businova’s flexible architecture also allows a choice of the technology used on the line, depending upon its configuration. For instance, a city centre line could be operated with zero emissions...

Safra’s sustainable development policy involves combating planned obsolescence.

It has always been our job to ensure that the vehicle lasts both technologically and aesthetically, so we optimise the equipment’s performance throughout its life.

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