The Businova is also available as a zero-emission vehicle, allowing it to be used according to the various needs and configurations of the company’s clients.

In this version, the vehicle runs purely on an electric motor. The secondary hydraulic drive system is removed from the design. The bus maintains its permanent 250kW magnetic electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries ranging from 200 to 350 kWh, depending on the specifications required.

Slow charging

It has a slow recharge system, in which the vehicle charges up overnight in the depot for 5 to 6 hours. The type 2 mode 4 charger is configured according to the capacity of the battery pack. It ranges from 50 to 100 kW.

Fast charging

The fast recharge system works either by capturing energy from an inverted pantograph type infrastructure, or from a floor-mounted recharge station (induction). For the infrastructure mode, there are two types of infrastructure solution available:

  • a recharge station at the end of the line (fast recharge), providing sufficient charge for one or two circuits of the line.
  • an energy capture system at the stops, where the bus recharges at each stop for several seconds

The best solution will depend on how the vehicle will be used on the line, and on any future network modifications. With this unique design, the Businova can adapt effortlessly to the solution you want.

This motor system is fully compliant with the new directives of the Energy Transition Law, as the vehicle releases zero polluting emissions.