The principle

This motor system consists of a powerful electric motor, powered by a large-capacity battery pack and topped up with a 30 kW fuel cell, taking the drive time to more than 300km between charges. The system offers maximum energy efficiency and a long drive time between charges, without the need to increase the battery pack. This motor system is fully compliant with the new directives of the Energy Transition Law, as the vehicle releases zero polluting emissions.

How it works

The Businova H2 is based on the original architecture, developed by SAFRA in 2011 and fully certified. Maintaining the entire vehicle architecture (passenger compartment, chassis, deck, mechanical components, batteries, electrical architecture), SAFRA incorporates a hydrogen system into the initial 250 kW drive chain, powered by a 132 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The 30 kW Michelin fuel cell can store 28kg of hydrogen at 350 bars, allowing the vehicle to run for 300km before it needs to stop and recharge. This design intentionally kept new features to a minimum, choosing to preserve a large passenger capacity and maintain the innovative and attractive Businova design.

A smart hybrid system

The BUSINOVA is a “smart hybrid” system, meaning the battery capacity and the size of the fuel cell has been specifically designed to optimise the cost of the vehicle.