The Businova production unit is located on the SAFRA industrial site, in Albi. The 1000 m² building is built on an area permitting growth of up to 20 times its current volume simply. This scalability and flexibility are an integral part of the company's development strategy, with as the main aim the capacity to adapt to the various markets under negotiation. Production is controlled by ERP software connected to the Design Office documentation management, thus ensuring continuity of traceability from the Design Office to the customer.

Engineering department

At Safra we have our own design and engineering department, based around five core skills:

  • Mechanical design (chassis, suspension, engine, bodywork and interior layout)
  • Electrical design (drive train, looms, electrical architecture, etc.)
  • In-vehicle systems (CAN network architecture, software development, etc.)
  • Artificial intelligence (energy optimisation, control logic, etc.)
  • IT (Wi-fi, databases, back-office tools, etc.)

We have been working with R&D Industries on the Businova project. R&D Industries is a research company which has been operating since 1992 and its vocation is the design of urban transport systems.