'Out of all the challenges that need to be taken up in order to improve the well-being and lifestyles of all citizens, I am convinced that more sustainable and more intelligent public transport mobility is one of the essential issues that need to be resolved for the cities of the 21st century.

It is this condition which has polarised innovation within Safra when it comes to responding to changes to public transport. We at Safra feel that businesses have a duty to be visionaries, so we are embarking on the pioneering development of the bus of the future, the Businova. Innovation is something that has to be tackled with conviction and we need act like a leader in order to come up with new paths towards the sustainable development of public transport. Through the Businova, with its innovative engine design and attractive look, Safra are thus firmly committed to reconciling environmental and economic sustainability along with improving the lives of citizens.

Thus, in the face of these complex but crucial challenges involving governance methods, growth, mobility and the environment, success will come from an outward-looking approach and synergy between the political world, the world of business and the transport authorities.

Throwing our efforts into leaving our own mark on urban mobility, whilst at the same time reducing its environmental impact - now that really is a noble cause! So we feel sure that if businesses, local authorities and councillors all take bold approaches this will drive us on to success, and this project is explicit proof of that.'

Vincent Lemaire – CEO of SAFRA