The most notable innovation with the Businova is its atypical structure. Comprised of a bi-modular chassis, the Businova contains an energy pack located at the rear of the vehicle which includes the engine, the batteries and a chassis entirely set aside for passengers, with a raised space at the rear of the vehicle. This lookout, accessible via a staircase, is a bright, welcoming space offering panoramic views of the town. The vehicle is spacious and airy, with the glass roof allowing light to access the interior. With the Businova, everything is designed to make travelling pleasant and comfortable.

The fact that the energy pack is independent from the rest of the passenger chassis makes it easier to access the different components comprising the engine system, which enables the technology used to be constantly upgraded. Similarly, the way in which the technical cabinets are located in the four columns of the bus’s structure enhances the accessibility of the backups. The work that has gone into designing this ground-breaking structure helps simplify vehicle maintenance, while, with 3 axletrees, the bus offers full passenger capacity.