Using transport-related environmental issues as a starting point, combined with client expectations, Safra drafted a smart design brief during the vehicle’s design phase: significant bus capacity (room for 90 passengers), easy to drive, as environmentally-friendly as possible, as economic as possible in terms of mileage and maintenance, autonomy adapted to the journey, with long life ensured through energy upgrades.

Another aspect that sets the Businova apart is the way in which it is designed. Particular care has been paid to the vehicle’s design, making it attractive in appearance and setting it apart from other buses available on the market.

From the outset, the development of the Businova is focused on the vehicle being upgradeable, meaning it will be able to adapt to new demands and new technological developments. The vehicle is built a bit like a Lego model, made up of interchangeable “bricks”. This leads to enhanced flexibility when it comes to adding new components, as does the fact that the vehicle can be easily upgraded to incorporate new energy solutions, meaning it won’t be in thrall to existing forms of technology.